The Benefits of Powder Coating Ovens

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The industrial ovens that we make available are used in a wide variety of ways. Industrial heat processing equipment is a necessity for the manufacturing of many of the products we use on a daily basis. For example, powder coating ovens are used to add color and durability to a great deal of metal products in the automotive, home appliance, and building material industries. Metal is electrostatically sprayed with finely ground particles of resin and pigment that, when heated to a precise temperature, fuses with the metal to produce a uniform, resilient, high quality, and attractive finish.

Powder coating ovens are used in this process to provide a precise amount of heat to cause the resin and pigment to fuse with the metal. Because this process requires such precision, an effective and well built powder coating oven is essential. At Savage Engineered Equipment, our team has over 200 years of experience designing and building industrial ovens for precise heating purposes, so we’ve seen firsthand how effective they are for a variety of applications.

How Powder Coating is Used

Powder coating ovens provide an advanced way of applying an attractive and durable finish to nearly any type of metal. Powder coated surfaces are less susceptible to scratches, chipped paint, fading, and wearing than alternative finishes so are naturally beneficial to the manufacturing of an almost limitless amount of metal products.

In the automotive industry, powder coating is used on bumpers, wheels, decorative trim, door handles, truck beds, and many engine parts. Many of the common household appliances we use every day have a protective powder coating as well. Side panels of refrigerators, air conditioner cabinets, dishwasher racks, microwave ovens, etc. all benefit from the use of powder coating ovens. To strengthen building materials like steel and aluminum, powder coating is used in the architecture industry as well. Almost any strong metal used today has been strengthened by the use of powder coating. And, at Savage Engineered Equipment, we provide only the highest quality industrial and powder coating ovens available.

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