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Truck In Ovens

Savage Engineered's Ovens are used for a variety of applications, like curing, drying, aging, testing, annealing, pre-heating, baking, finishing, and other processes.

Temperature Ranges Available

  • 450°F
  • 650°F
  • 800°F
  • 1000°F
  • 1200°F

Directional Airflows Available

  • Direct Horizontal
  • Compound Horizontal (Front-to-Back)
  • Vertical
  • Compound Vertical

Heating Sources Available

  • Electric
  • Natural Gas (direct heat or indirect hear)
  • PropaneSteam

Materials of Construction

Interior: Low Temperature—Aluminized Steel

Interior: High Temperature—Stainless Steel

Exterior: heavy gauge, cold rolled steel to provide the maximum structural rigidity.

Optional Equipment

  • Vertical Lift Door
  • Explosion Resistant Design
  • Large Door Assist Wheel
  • Gas fired Heating System (Natural Gas or Propane, Direct or Indirect)
truck in oven

Standard Six Foot Wide Low Temperature Oven Equipped as NFPA 86 Class “A” Solvent Venting Oven

truck in oven

Custom Twenty Foot Wide Truck-In Oven