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Lab & Bench Ovens

Each industrial oven is designed to maintain the uniformity of temperature required throughout the process chamber. All air inlet walls have adjustable air inlets that can be adjusted individually to allow even further tuning on the heat distribution.

Lab Ovens

Bench Ovens

Temperature Ranges Available

  • 500°F
  • 600°F
  • 1000°F

Directional Airflows Available

  • Direct Horizontal
  • Compound Horizontal (Front-to-Back)

Heating System

  • 2 KW
  • 3 KW
  • 9 KW
  • 30 KW

Materials of Construction

Interior: Low Temperature—Aluminized Steel

Interior: High Temperature—Stainless Steel

Exterior: Aluminized Steel

Exterior: heavy gauge, cold rolled steel to provide the maximum structural rigidity.

Optional Equipment

Optional equipment is oven specific, call for more details.

Stand’s, Disconnect boxes, Shelving, Forced Exhaust, Lights, Programmable controllers, Gas fueled, Recorders & more

Standard three foot wide cabinet oven with an aluminzed steel exterior and single latch door

Five foot wide single latch door cabinet oven with horizontal airflow and painted steel gray exterior